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Reiki - Universal Life Force Energy
Reiki is a technique used to balance body, mind and spirit is essential to health, harmony and happiness.  That balance can  be achieved through the energy techniques of Reiki.  Reiki (pronounced
RAY-KEY) originated in ancient Tibet thousands of years ago and means Universal Life Force Energy.  It is a wholistic approach that facilitates emotional, mental and physical healing.
A Reiki attunement is a sacred ceremony, which is an initiation that acts as a catalyst; to raise the vibration of one's consciousness.  They are private and individualized.   Reiki attunements are
available for the following degrees:

*  1st Degree  -   The physical body
The first degree of Reiki includes the first four attunements, and the instructions of hand positions to utilize Reiki with yourself; and others on the physical level.  

*  2nd Degree  -   The emotional and mental body
The second degree of Reiki includes the two attunements, and instruction in the drawing and using of Reiki symbols; to send Reiki to others as well as self.

*  3rd  Degree -  Master / Teacher   
The 3rd degree of Reiki is the Master level and includes two additional attunements, and a handbook on giving Reiki attunements.  This degree enables you to transfer, and teach
Reiki to others, as well as experience a quantum leap on the spiritual level.
Reiki Attunements
*Individual Energetic Sessions - Universal Life Force Energy is channeled through the practitioner’ hands to promote healing to the areas of the individual, without input or projection from the

*Distance Energetic Sessions - Receive Reiki energy from a distance!  Arrange a session  with Veronica! Contact her at 615-355-4983 to make an appointment!  

Some of the benefits derived from the Reiki treatments includes stress reduction, revitalization of the body and promotes relaxation. Reiki also promotes from within the qualities of love,
compassion, peace, growth, goodwill, wholeness and serenity.  Reiki energy is channeled from the practitioner to the patient in a gentle effective manner.

A trained Reiki master can initiate anyone into the practice of Reiki.  There are no requirements other than the desire to assist oneself or others.

My personal perception and experience is that Reiki is to the body and Soul, what meditation is to the mind!
What is Reiki?
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