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Hypnosis, what it is and isn't . . . . . . .  By Veronica G. Hartman
Hypnosis..... what is this mysterious, mystical process that promises results to problems which seem to have no solution. It is elusive in nature, as it is a tool that works with
the unconscious realms of the mind; which produces behavior. The field of
neuro linguistic programming defines hypnosis as ‘that magical mystical state when the client
listens only to the hypnotist’. From a health care standpoint, hypnosis is an approved method of treatment by the American Medical Association; when utilized by a skilled

There are many utilization’s of hypnosis in the medical profession as well as the entertainment arena. Stage hypnotists use it overtly, to impress the power of the unconscious
mind to perform as directed. An example being that under hypnosis, you will quack like a duck or perform other behavior that you would not normally. While that is possible,
it is only possible if your unconscious mind is open to the possibility of quacking like a duck upon command... Used in a therapeutic context,
hypnosis can assist clients to
achieve career success, change undesired behaviors, relieve stress, enhance self esteem, and manage pain. The list goes on and on, so you begin to get the picture that hypnosis
is a tool to get the results you want in life.

In fact hypnosis is widely used for habits such as stop smoking and weight reduction. Recent studies have been done on weight reduction indicating that hypnosis is the means
to release weight and successfully keep it off. So it would seem that hypnosis is a magical tool that takes care of life’s habits and behaviors when used appropriately.

Oddly enough one of the misconceptions of hypnosis is that the client is not required to participate other than to be present. In fact, the key ingredient that determines the
success of hypnosis to achieve results is the willingness to change. Another common delusion is that one must be comatose or in a similar state of unconsciousness to be
hypnotized. Amazing that the phrase ‘unconscious mind’ somehow translates to being U N C O N S C I O U S. Whereas in reality, a light state of trance will yield profound
results. There is a further conception that not everyone can be hypnotized, however the fact is that you can only be hypnotized, if you can follow directions. That’s right, just
gently allow your eyes to close...........

For the profound results that can result from a session of hypnosis, wouldn't it be worthwhile to investigate the realms of your unconscious mind, or to at least become
conscious of it...that’s right...bring your unconscious mind with the rest of you,  and trust that the results you are seeking to achieve has unlimited possibilities!

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