Rainbows of Enlighenment
"As Above, So Below"

The ancient hermetic axiom, "As Above, So Below" clearly defines the concept of Awareness through Astrology. As planetary energy influences the decisions you make,
awareness of the energy will enable you to make better choices.  As such, Awareness through Astrology provides astrological consultations of guidance in all areas of life.  
Workshops and classes are offered on an ongoing basis.

The vision of Awareness through Astrology is to awaken those who are seeking an enhanced quality of life, through providing information; based on astrological principles.  
The underlying purpose that supports the vision, is to assist those who are choosing to move from the effect side of life to being the Cause.  This is accomplished, through
the understanding that One chooses their life circumstances, rather than being at the mercy of them.

The business of Awareness through Astrology began in 1990, when Veronica began consulting with other seekers on the path looking for direction.  She is an international
astrologer, that has currently served thousands of clients in personal areas of life purpose, career path, relationship compatibility, marriages, divorces, spiritual journeys,
health concerns and legal affairs; to name a few!   Veronica has also consulted with businesses in the areas of real estate, metaphysical bookstores, food services, religious
organizations, business start up, etc.

Awareness through Astrology began offering astrology classes in 1993 at the basic level.  Over a twenty-six year period, intermediate and advanced classes have been added,
offering a serious student an opportunity to become a professional astrologer.

Veronica is primarily a self taught astrologer who also studied with Robert "Buz" Myers from 1995 until his transition in 2000.  She continues to utilize his teachings of
planetary phase work in consultations.  She also teaches classes in the phase work; passing on the knowledge she was gifted with through this Master astrologer, teacher
and friend.  Veronica was recognized as a Level One Professional Astrologer by the NCGR Professional Astrologers' Alliance in 2012.

For additional information on a variety of astrological consultations available, or astrology classes and workshops, contact Veronica at 615-355-4983 or vghart2@cs.com or
Awareness through Astrology  
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